March 6, 2023 2:20 pm

If you live in a property that heats your home with coal electric heaters or fuel fires then being able to upgrade your heating system to one that runs on a boiler with radiators comes with a host of benefits that you may have yet to discover.

Find out more here about the benefits of heating your home with a central heating system and how you could have one installed for free or at a fraction of the cost with one of our government-backed ECO grants today. Check out this post here for more details:

What is a central heating system?

Central heating is a heating system that distributes heat evenly throughout your home, using a boiler and a network of pipes and radiators. It is one of the most popular heating systems and offers a number of benefits over other heating options such as electric or fuel fires and radiators.

One of the main benefits of central heating is its efficiency.

One of the main benefits of central heating is its efficiency. A central heating system heats your entire home using one energy source, whereas electric and fuel fires and radiators heat only one room at a time. This means that central heating can be much more energy-efficient and can save you money on your energy bills in the long run.

Central heating is also known for its even distribution of heat.

Unlike electric or fuel fires and radiators, central heating radiators can be adjusted to different temperature settings so that the heat is distributed evenly throughout your home. This means that all rooms will be heated to the same temperature, making it more comfortable and cozy to live in.

Central heating also offers better temperature control. With a central heating system, you can control the temperature of your entire home from a single thermostat, rather than having to adjust the temperature in each room individually. This means you can heat your home more efficiently, as you can set the temperature to your preference throughout the whole house.

Another benefit of central heating is its safety. Unlike electric or fuel fires and radiators, central heating systems don’t have open flames or glowing hot surfaces, making it a safer option, particularly if you have children or pets, imagine not having to use fire guard to keep your children and pets safe for fear of burning!

Central heating systems are also known for their low maintenance and durability. Once installed, they require little upkeep, and if properly maintained, they can last for many years.

In conclusion, central heating offers many benefits over electric or fuel fires and radiators. It is energy-efficient, provides even heat distribution, offers better temperature control, and is safer, with low maintenance requirements. If you're considering a new heating system, central heating is a great option to keep your home warm, cheaper to run and more convenient altogether.

You can find out more information here and what the qualifying benefits are.

Who is it for and how to apply and what to do next

However, there are measures being put into place for the coming months to make these grants available to higher-income households. 

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