March 6, 2023 11:19 am

Winter can be a difficult time of year for low-income families, as the cold weather can lead to higher energy bills and a struggle to keep warm. However, there are ways for low-income families to save money on their heating costs this winter and still stay warm, especially right now in the price-increasing times that we are living in, which is why here at Prima Energy Solutions, we are doing everything we can to help keep our homes across Yorkshire warm for less.

One way that home can save money on heating is by using energy-efficient appliances. Upgrading to energy-efficient heating systems, such as high-efficiency boilers, can help reduce energy consumption and lower heating costs. Similarly, upgrading to energy-efficient light bulbs and appliances can also help lower energy costs.

One of the most effective ways for low-income families to save money on their heating is by making sure their home is properly insulated. Insulating walls, floors and ceilings can help keep the warm air inside and the cold air outside, reducing the amount of energy needed to heat the home. Additionally, there are government grants such as the ECO4 Grant that can help low-income families with the cost of insulating a new boiler or first-time heating system.

The ECO4 grant, also known as the Energy Company Obligation, is a government-funded program that provides grants and funding for households to improve their energy efficiency and reduce their energy costs.

The program is designed to help low-income and vulnerable households make energy-saving improvements to their homes.

The ECO4 grant is available to homeowners, private renters, and landlords, and can be used to fund a range of energy-saving measures, including insulation, boilers, and central heating systems.

Although the grant is currently available to low-income families, in April, the government will be releasing a new grant to help fund middle-earner households to have a more energy-efficient home through the grant for a new boiler, insulation or a central heating system.

Additionally to the ECO Grants which you can find more information about here, there is also a range of options that may be available to you to help with the costs of heating your home here: