February 23, 2023 1:10 pm

The ECO4 grant can be extremely beneficial for landlords in saving time and money in providing funding for energy-saving measures.

These energy-saving measures can improve the energy efficiency of their rental properties, especially with the new property EPC guidelines that have come into action.

As a landlord, you may be able to bring your property's EPC rating up for less and remain compliant, it has been proposed EPC ratings will need to be a minimum C rating for letting purposes from 2025. So now is a great time to look at improving your property portfolio. Read more about the landlords responsibilities for EPC here.

Landlords are saving time and money by applying for the ECO grant to make their properties more energy efficient, cheaper to heat and cut the carbon footprint of their property.

Due to the extensive list of benefits that qualify for the ECO grants scheme, if a landlord has tenants with either a household income of £31Kand /or receiving benefits, then they can improve their EPC rating and property for far less.

Also, by ensuring that your property is much more energy efficient to run, landlords will be reducing energy costs for tenants, helping them to live more comfortably for less, whilst making the properties more attractive to potential renters, especially in today's economic climate.

One of the key benefits of the ECO4 grant for landlords is the potential savings on energy costs.

However, one of the key benefits of the ECO4 grant for landlords is the potential savings on energy costs. By upgrading insulation, heating systems, or other energy-efficient measures, rental properties will become more energy-efficient and use less energy to heat and cool.

Applying these energy-saving measures to your property to make it more energy efficient means that you can have significant savings on energy costs, which can help landlords, particularly those who run HMO properties and have to pay for the usage of heating bills independently, you can save money and make your properties more attractive and affordable for tenants.

Energy-efficient properties are in high demand, and tenants are often willing to pay more for properties that are well-insulated and have efficient heating systems.

The ECO4 grant can also help landlords improve the overall quality of their properties.

By upgrading insulation and heating systems, landlords can improve the comfort of their properties, making them more appealing to tenants.

Additionally, upgrading energy-efficient measures can also improve the EPC rating of a property, making it more attractive to potential buyers in the future.

Furthermore, landlords can also take advantage of the grant to be more environmentally friendly and reduce their carbon footprint by using less energy and making their properties more sustainable.

In conclusion, the ECO4 grant can also be beneficial for landlords. It can help them save money on energy costs, attract and retain tenants, improve the overall quality of their properties and be more environmentally friendly.

If you're a landlord and think you or your tenants might qualify for the grant, it's  worth considering. Upgrading insulation and heating systems can make rental properties more energy-efficient and reduce energy costs for tenants.

This can help attract and retain tenants, as well as improve the overall EPC rating of the property.

Who is it for and how to apply and what to do next

At the time of writing this article, the available grants are for homeowners with an income of £31K or below, and / or in receipt of benefits, such as Tax credits etc, for the full list of qulaifying benefits, visit here.

However, there are measures being put into place for the coming months to make these grants available to higher income households. 

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